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About Us

SipTex Panels is the go-to renewable resources information site, with a special focus on domestic energy. In a world where fossil fuel supplies are low, carbon dioxide production is high and global warming is a very real phenomenon, renewable energy production is on the up. It’s becoming a necessity to find sustainable ways of producing power, and where better to start than at home? Solar panels are becoming a regular fixture on all kinds of buildings, and a large number of new build homes are now being constructed with solar panels already incorporated. This is reducing the energy bills of many homeowners and tenants, as well as making a huge difference to our environment.

The team here at SipTex panels will help you to explore low carbon, sustainable alternatives to power generated by burning fossil fuels. We examine a range of ways to develop buildings and energy systems to improve your life, your bills and our planet’s future. Solar panels and other sources of renewable energy are relatively new forms of technology, so you may well have a lot of questions about them. We aim to answer these questions for you through our posts and articles, which address a wide range of issues and provide you with informative content across various subject areas.

Renewable energy has a number of benefits for consumers, whilst doing enormous amounts of good for our planet. Solar panels are becoming the norm for many households, but even small actions can make a big difference, so why not have a read of our articles and begin making your own contribution to a sustainable future?