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Hiring an Environmental Officer on Site

When you are running a construction site, you will often need to think about hiring an environmental officer to oversee your project. This might be something that you are required to do by law, or it might be something that you choose to do yourself due to the demand and nature of the project. Either way, an environmental officer can really add a lot to your project and is definitely going to be an asset for you.

An environmental officer will usually be involved before a project commences, surveying the construction site to make sure it is being used in an environmentally-friendly way. You should enlist their help from a reputable firm and look into the specialisms of the environmental agency you are working with. Make sure they understand your area of the construction industry and, if possible, work locally, so that they have an understanding of the challenges you may face in your area.

Make Building Eco Friendly

As an industry, construction doesn’t always have a reputation for being the most environmentally friendly. It can be dirty, use lots of equipment and therefore a lot of electricity, petrol and other resources. However, there are many ways in which construction can be made better for the environment. Here are some ideas:

  • Use sustainable materials from sustainable sources. Make sure you know where materials like wood and metals have come from, and keep records of all these. Any environment office will want to know this information.
  • Choose a good insulation. This means it will last longer, so you won’t need to carry out any building work again in the near future.
  • Monitor all energy consumption and do what you can to minimise it. When you know exactly what is being used on site, you can find new ways to cut down on this. You might even want to think about using electric vehicles for transporting your construction materials.

What to Consider when Building an Extension

An extension is a big decision for your home and your finances. You will have to think carefully about the logistics of the building process, as well as how you will use the room and what you want to get out of it. If you are going to commit to having a new extension, then you really need to make sure that it is going to be right for you.

The aesthetics are very important, as this will shape the room and the way you use it. Make sure there is plenty of natural light – if your extension is a conservatory, this won’t be a problem, but otherwise, corners of the room could become dark. You can use rooflights to make this better if required.

You should also think carefully about the insulation. Make sure the new part of your home will use good insulation and will be cost effective for you to have.

Are New Homes Well Insulated?

People always assume that new buildings will be very well insulated. However, this might not always be the case. Some buildings are inevitably better insulated than other buildings, and it all depends on how the building has been constructed. If you are thinking of buying a new home, insulation is something that you will need to check.

Here are some of the factors that will affect insulation:

  • Windows and doors. They should be well fitted, and made of a thermally efficient material like uPVC. Make sure they have been fitted well and you can’t feel a draught around them.
  • Insulated walls. If you have something like cavity wall insulation or rendering, this will help the building to be more thermally efficient. However, it isn’t the be all and end all and there are other ways of insulating a new building.
  • Rooflights. These will help reduce energy bills and keep a room an ambient temperature.

Compressed Air Systems and Efficiency

Compressed air is a very efficient way of generating energy, for a wide variety of applications. It can save a lot of energy and time, plus air can be stored as potential energy, to be used later when it is needed. Some brands will supply better compressed air systems than other. If you are concerned about efficiency, you might want to think about choosing HPC compressed air systems, as this is a quality brand and a well-know, reputable company.

HPC supply a wide range of compressed air systems, and add on systems for treating air, like compressed air dryers. They have become one of the most well-known brands in the UK and supply air compressor equipment to some of the leading manufacturing brands in the UK. Here are some of the reasons why people choose HPC:

  • Reliability. They know the marketplace and supply products that people want and can rely on.
  • Quality. Machines work as they should and are covered by guarantees should anything go wrong.
  • Major brand. As an industry leader, it makes sense to choose someone you know will deliver on their promises.
  • They offer service and support. They will be able to help if you experience any problems and if your compressor needs servicing, which should be carried out on a regular basis.
  • They will offer value for money. With a good, honest, reliable brand, you know you are getting a good return on your investment.
  • Their machines are highly efficient, so you can rely on them to do the job in your industry.

Using an air dryer Рessential for productivity 

If you do not use your air compression system in the right way, you will not gain the maximum benefits. You need to make sure your machines are running effectively and efficiently if you want maximum output. This is why you need to dry compressed air.

Water vapour is within the gasses that are drawn into an air compressor. The condensate will be removed by a centrifugal separator, however this does not account for the air that remains saturated with water vapour. If this air cools inside the machine, it is left in the pipes and will inevitably cause issues, including corrosion and break downs. This can be avoided by using an air drying system, which will keep compressors working so that you don’t lose productivity time. There is a wide range of air drying systems available from HPC.

Remaining efficient when using compressed air 

There are some steps you can take to make sure your compressed air system is serving you as well as possible. You should have it serviced regularly, along with air drying systems, to make sure everything is safe and working to full capacity. There may be rules about minimum servicing times in the manual that comes with your equipment. Check for leaks on a regular basis, to ensure that air is not escaping. You should only use the machines when needed to help save time and to reduce manufacturing costs as much as possible.