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How to Make your Home More Energy Efficient

At this time of year, it’s important to get yourself prepared for the winter months whilst the weather is still good. If you want to make your property more energy efficient, here are some ideas for you:

  • Get new doors and windows. These will not be cheap but if they are going to need replacing in the near future, do it now. You can save yourself some money in the long run by making your home warmer.
  • Use roof lights and skylights to make your home lighter. A home that is naturally lighter is going to be more energy efficient as you won’t need to use lights as much. Choose roof lights for maximum impact.
  • Install a wood burning stove. This will provide heating for you in the winter without you having to rely on central heating. You will be able to burn cheap wooden logs and make your home much warmer.

Drying Out Your Own Firewood

Firewood is best burned when it is seasoned. It is frustrating and wasteful trying to burn firewood that is wet or that has just recently been split. You will need to have the correct facilities and use the right procedures to make sure your wood dries out fully and will give you a fire that is powerful and long lasting. Here are our tips for making sure your firewood is as high a quality as possible:

  1. Make sure you have plenty of space for drying out the wood. It will need to be piled up and should be exposed to sun and wind. Some people may choose to cover it, but others may not. It’s just personal preference.
  2. Cut and split the wood to length. It shouldn’t be too long, and should fit into your burner easily.
  3. Leave the wood to dry for at least six months. It really is as simple as that!

If you are able to dry wood out yourself, this is one of the cheapest ways to get fuel for your fire or log burner. You can buy it more cheaply from a commercial seller, or you can even collect it yourself.

Here Are Some Tips When It Comes To Buying Firewood for Sale

People have many heating systems including air conditioning, but nothing compares to the warmth one receives from a fireplace. Fireplaces keep you active because you have to keep the fire going. Family members can take turns adding wood to the fire so it becomes a family activity. Watching the flames of a fire from pieces of wood is also more interesting than any artificial fire. You can tell your children stories around this kind of fireplace and they will not feel bored because the fire, stories, and the warmth keeps the night or day interesting. However, getting the right kind of fire going is another matter. For you to do that, you would need the right kind of firewood. Here are some tips when it comes to buying firewood for sale.

Fresh logs are not a good idea

Did you know that the weight of a fresh log is about 80% water? That is terrible news for anyone trying to buy a log for use as firewood because the fire dry he log first before warming your home. It means that you will not receive as much warmth from it within a certain time as you expected. Instead, you would only get warm after the log is dry and as such, the heat from the fire can dissipate into the room. Fresh logs are also not a good idea because they lead to the build-up of soot in your chimney. This build-up happens because the water inside the logs becomes acidic as it burns promoting the formation of a compound known as creosote. This creosote deposits itself in your chimney reducing its effectiveness. Creosote also makes it hard for you to clean your chimney.  Continue reading

What are the Best Kinds of Logs to Burn to Heat your Home?

Many people are choosing to use wood burning or multi fuel stoves to heat their homes. They are both an attractive and environmentally-friendly way to generate heat, and it’s becoming increasingly popular to adopt this method. However, it can be difficult to know which types of wood will burn best and give out the most heat.

The main tip to remember is that you should only burn very dry wood. As long as it is dry enough, the type shouldn’t matter as much (although many people do have their own preferences). You can collect your own wood of any kind, but you may need to wait a very long time for it to dry out before you can use it. Make sure that you have somewhere dry to store it before deciding to do this.

Very dense hardwoods like maple and oak are very popular among lots of people with wood burners. This is because they produce more heat and will create good, long-lasting fires.

You may also choose to burn wood briquettes. These are very environmentally friendly, and will also give you a very good quality fire.

Cheap Logs for Sale

Logs are still used even in this modern day way of living. It is typical for families to keep and maintain cabins as a holiday get away where huge logs are necessary in order to maintain the warm feel inside. Logs have important roles to play even in our modern houses. The fireplace that keeps the entire house warm during winter will rest on some of the best logs to keep its flames.

 Keeping Our Houses Warm

Choosing the perfect logs matter, even if the logs are going to be burned and coaled anyway. Firewood has certain standards in order to produce lasting flames. Soft logs will make good firewood, though its flame is short lived. And though it has been a common practice to air-dry these logs before setting them to flames, some 12% moisture is still desirable for better results.

Cheap logs for sale could still provide you some of the best woods for your fireplace. You just need to know how to check out those logs. Form factor should equally be considered. The bigger and the denser the log is, the longer it will be able to keep the flame. For this one, however, one should strike a balance between the need to become mobile, in terms of moving around the logs, as when you are transferring it from one place to the other. Logs that are commercially produced are already pre-cut into manageable pieces and have already been conditioned for optimum fire use.

Hardwoods like oak would be the best logs to use. They are dense and hence, have the ability to produce more and better flames. This also means that fire will be long lasting compared to the softer ones, which burn way faster than thicker woods.

When buying logs for your fireplace, make sure not to rely on what was mentioned to you over the phone when you inquired. Try your best to visit the store and personally check the kind of logs they have. There are cheap logs for sale everywhere. So do not let the price dictate the kind of wood you will use for the winter season. Take time to inspect and check it out yourself. Size does matter, especially if your fireplace has limited space. Getting the wrong size may only frustrate you.

 Cabin Woods

Logs also find perfect use in our cabins. A durable and long-lasting cabin depends on the kind of wood. It is easy to determine a good log for this purpose. Once cut, a log would reveal some circular patterns starting from the centre. The number of lines will indicate the readiness of the wood to provide strong and dependable foundation for a cabin. Each line there consists of 1 year in the life of the wood. And the older the tree is, the more suitable it is to become a foundation.

It is also best to get logs that have fallen during winter. During cold season, there is a relatively lower level of sap in the tree. This translates into lesser chances of the log developing moulds that could destroy the wood in the long run.