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Compressed Air Systems and Efficiency

Compressed air is a very efficient way of generating energy, for a wide variety of applications. It can save a lot of energy and time, plus air can be stored as potential energy, to be used later when it is needed. Some brands will supply better compressed air systems than other. If you are concerned about efficiency, you might want to think about choosing HPC compressed air systems, as this is a quality brand and a well-know, reputable company.

HPC supply a wide range of compressed air systems, and add on systems for treating air, like compressed air dryers. They have become one of the most well-known brands in the UK and supply air compressor equipment to some of the leading manufacturing brands in the UK. Here are some of the reasons why people choose HPC:

  • Reliability. They know the marketplace and supply products that people want and can rely on.
  • Quality. Machines work as they should and are covered by guarantees should anything go wrong.
  • Major brand. As an industry leader, it makes sense to choose someone you know will deliver on their promises.
  • They offer service and support. They will be able to help if you experience any problems and if your compressor needs servicing, which should be carried out on a regular basis.
  • They will offer value for money. With a good, honest, reliable brand, you know you are getting a good return on your investment.
  • Their machines are highly efficient, so you can rely on them to do the job in your industry.

Using an air dryer – essential for productivity 

If you do not use your air compression system in the right way, you will not gain the maximum benefits. You need to make sure your machines are running effectively and efficiently if you want maximum output. This is why you need to dry compressed air.

Water vapour is within the gasses that are drawn into an air compressor. The condensate will be removed by a centrifugal separator, however this does not account for the air that remains saturated with water vapour. If this air cools inside the machine, it is left in the pipes and will inevitably cause issues, including corrosion and break downs. This can be avoided by using an air drying system, which will keep compressors working so that you don’t lose productivity time. There is a wide range of air drying systems available from HPC.

Remaining efficient when using compressed air 

There are some steps you can take to make sure your compressed air system is serving you as well as possible. You should have it serviced regularly, along with air drying systems, to make sure everything is safe and working to full capacity. There may be rules about minimum servicing times in the manual that comes with your equipment. Check for leaks on a regular basis, to ensure that air is not escaping. You should only use the machines when needed to help save time and to reduce manufacturing costs as much as possible.

How Good are Electric Cars for the Environment?

Electric cars are becoming more readily available and are now increasingly popular in the UK. It may be the case that by 2040, all cars have to be electric, if government plans go ahead. Are they really that much better for the environment?

There is no doubt the electric cars are much better than diesel cars. Diesel has had some very bad press recently, especially after people were told that they should be buying diesel cars to help the environment. This is now very much not believed to be the case and people are having to pay more to drive diesel cars into London and to park them in some boroughs.

If you have an electric car, it is certainly going to be better for the environment. Electricity still mostly does not come from renewable sources, but there is the potential to make it more renewable as fossil fuels run low. This means electric cars could serve us well into the future.

Can we All do more for the Environment?

Climate change is a very real worry and lots of us want to help reduce its impact on our planet. There are lots of things we can do to help, luckily. Many of them may not be big but they can make a real difference to our lives and, ultimately, to the planet. We just all need to work together to help reverse the damage caused by climate change.

Around the home, you can find eco-friendly ways to generate heat and electricity. Consider installing solar panels for your power and a stove for your heating. A wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove can be used to heat at least one room using renewable energy, and you can use a back boiler to heat more of your home if you would like to. You can also install roof lights, as these will help to provide some natural heat from the sun. They also reduce the need for artificial lighting, bringing your energy consumption during the day right down.

How Affordable is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy sometimes has a reputation for being more expensive than other kinds of energy. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. As long as you do your research carefully and know what to expect, you could save yourself some money whilst you help to do your bit for the future of the planet.

Renewable energy could take the form of solar power, which is easy for people to install in their own homes. Whilst you may have to pay some taxes, it should cut your energy bill down dramatically.

Another popular way to heat your home and generate energy in a renewable way is by having a wood-burning stove. This will allow you to heat a room, or even your whole house, without having to rely on mains electricity. This also makes it very cost effective and you will be able to buy some very good budget fuels.

Working in the Renewable Energy Industry

As renewable energy becomes more popular, the industry is expanding. This means that more jobs are becoming available. If you’ve always wanted to have an environmentally-friendly job, now is just the right time to get into the industry.

There are all kinds of different jobs available in the industry. Many of them are going to be geared up towards research, so it will benefit you to have good analytical skills. You may also need to have a technical background.

There are lots of opportunities to become an engineer within green industries. If you’ve already trained as an engineer, this will be a major advantage for you. However, it’s never too late and there are plenty of opportunities to train. You might be able to train on the job for some roles, though some will require a specific degree.

It may be possible for you to transfer from your current job into an eco-friendly industry. For example, if you work in a call centre or in customer service, go and work for a renewable energy company instead. It will be very rewarding and you will be able to do something which you already understand.