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Using a Stove – the Benefits

Stoves have many benefits for homeowners, both aesthetic and practical. They can make a home look beautiful whilst making it warm, cosy and eco friendly. So surely it’s the logical option for homes across the UK? We certainly think so, and we’ve put together a list of some important benefits you really shouldn’t ignore:

  • You can produce heat from renewable sources. Wood is a renewable fuel, unlike the fossil fuels used to generate mains energy. You will be helping to save the planet, reduce pollution and make sure there are plenty of fuel options for future generations.
  • You have complete control over the fuel you use. Choose seasoned logs for a roaring fire, a smokeless fuel or eco fuels like heat logs and chippings. If you have a multi fuel stove, you will be able to burn different kinds of fuel.
  • A fire is warm, inviting and beautiful. Not only will you be able to heat your house, you will be able to help make it beautiful as well. There is no denying a fire helps to give a room a cosy and homely feel.
  • Choose a boiler stove to heat your whole house. These are a specific type of stove that can be used to provide hot water and central heating. This is ideal if you want an eco-friendly way of heating your whole home.
  • Save money on your heating bill. Using renewable fuels can be cheaper than turning on the heating. Once you’ve made that initial investment, there is definitely money to be saved.

If you are thinking about getting a stove, there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed. It’s rewarding to be able to heat your home in a self-sufficient way – you won’t be disappointed in your decision if you decide to get a stove.

Choosing between Manual and Electric Roller Shutters London

Roller shutters in London provide a variety of options. You can choose what type of roller shutters you want, where you want it, and you can even customise its colour and design to match the overall style of your house. But before having the roller shutters installed, it is very crucial to choose the right type that would suit your budget and preference. Continue reading

How do Solar Panels Actually Work?

Solar panels are made up of components called photovoltaic cells. This means that they are able to convert sunlight into electricity. There are lots of these small cells linked together to make one complete solar panel. Usually, a photovoltaic cell will be made from silicon, the same material used for microelectronics.

The silicon parts of the photovoltaic cells are given a charge using other materials, which allows an electric field to be established. This is done using phosphorous in the top layer of cells and boron in the bottom, changing the number of electrons to give a charge.

A solar panel itself actually works by allowing particles of light called photons to generate a flow of electricity where the electric field has been created. The photons will knock electrons free from atoms in order to create this flow.

The final step is for the current to travel through an inverter. This changes the current from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). AC is the kind of current used in homes, so this step will make the current into usable electricity that can power homes, offices and many other types of building.

Choosing Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating systems might also be known as solar thermal systems. They are very similar to the solar panels which are used to generate electricity, but instead, they are used to provide hot water. They are a renewable way of heating water for homes, offices or any other kind of building, and they’re a very useful type of technology to have with many benefits for us and for the environment.

Solar panels are fitted onto a roof, which are then used to harness heat from the sun. This heat is used to heat water which is within a hot water cylinder. There are two different types of system that you can install: evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors. The second type are very versatile, as they can be secured on top of roof tiles as well as being integrated into the roof. Once installed, they will require very little in the way of upkeep or maintenance.

It might still be necessary to have other means of heating up water, in case you use a lot or there isn’t much sun. However, for the majority of the time, using solar water heating is an excellent way to get all of the hot water you need.

Solar Awnings – An Alternative Way of Generating Energy

Awnings have been a popular building feature for many years, providing shade and making an attractive design-led addition. Technology has become so advanced that it’s now possible to incorporate photovoltaic panels into the design of an awning, allowing it to provide shade and generate energy all in one.

A solar awning has a number of advantages for homeowners and business owners alike. Firstly, generating energy through solar panels can be an excellent way to save money on your energy bills. It’s also an environmentally-friendly method of production, creating clean, reusable energy which will reduce your carbon footprint. It’s an excellent option for people who may not like the appearance of solar panels on their roof, or for those whose roofs don’t provide a suitable surface for fitting panels.

Solar awnings come in a number of different designs, so you’ll have plenty of choice depending on your aesthetic preferences. Some even have built-in sensors which will activate the solar panels in sunny conditions, and retract the awning in overcast weather. There are a number of companies offering them, and it’s beneficial to do some research and choose the most cost-effective option for you.