What is an Electric Hoist?

An electric hoist is a piece of lifting equipment that is used to lift heavy or difficult loads, usually up to around 50 Tonnes. They are used in many different sectors and for many different applications, such as rigging on ships or lifting on a construction site. They are generally used when the load is large, bulky or difficult to lift and requires a more robust solution than a manual hoist.

What are the benefits of an electric hoist? 

An electric hoist can be used to lift much bigger loads, giving you greater flexibility on site. These are some of the key benefits:

  • Increased productivity. An electric hoist will allow people on site to carry out more work, in a shorter space of time, because it no longer has to be done by hand.
  • Safety. It is much safer to life a heavy loads with an electric hoist. People working on site won’t have to move loads by hand, or by using a manual hoist. This improves health and safety.
  • Financial benefits. Whilst an electric hoist will cost more than a manual one, it will allow you to be much more productive. This means you can make more money and make better use of your labour.
  • Good brands. There are lots of good, reputable, well-known brands that make electric hoists. These include Stahl, Yale, GIS and Donati.

Different Types of Electric Hoist 

There are two main types of electric hoist – the chain hoist and the wire rope hoist. Both have their own advantages for different applications and you can buy quality hoists in both versions.

Electric chain hoists are extremely hardy and robust. They can be successfully used in all kinds of weather conditions and will stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. They also tend to be cheaper than wire rope hoists, making them more economical. They can have duel speed controls and limit switches to control the hook path. They might also be fitted with a radio remote control function to make the hoist easier to use and operate.

Wire rope hoists allow for quick lifting speeds and a great deal of accuracy. The way in which they lift is different to an electric chain hoist – the cable is wrapped around the whereas a chain hoist is attached differently. The chain hoist operates in much the same way, and also has the option of remote controls for safer usage. They will usually take up to around 30 Tonnes.

Buying an Electric Hoist 

An electric hoist should only ever be purchased from an approved manufacturer or supplier. Never buy from third parties without having the equipment checked over first. It is safest to buy a chain hoist from a supplier who is known in the industry, and if you need to save money on your purchase, to buy one second hand. Have the equipment thoroughly checked on a regular basis once you have purchased it – see if the supplier also offers crane and lifting equipment servicing packages for future upkeep.

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